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I have a dream


Actually I’m not fully understood about this word “dream”. It’s always disturbing my mind. There are many things that I wanna do, but nothing support. 

When I was a child, one of my biggest dreams was to be a doctor. Hahaha …. It was so funny I think, because I really afraid to see blood and people who injured. So impossible for me to be a doctor. Furthermore, when I started growing up and be a teenager, I really wanted to be a police woman especially detective or soldier. It was also look funny, because my body was not high enough and my weigh too little. It was very impossible and I was so disappointed. (It was just dream -_- )

I like sports and martial, but unfortunately I can’t swim hehehe … pity. I'm very fast runner, even I had defeated the long legs. I also can fight, but I always lose because my small body is very easy to slam, hahaha. I also like arts and adventure, even I have ever participated in painting competition when I was in senior high school, although I was not win hehehe. I have ever live in the wild and I feel free. I’m weak in social studies, but I'm very good at arithmetic. 

One of my favorite hobbies is watching movie. No matter how many movies I have watched, I really like it. From that, I was inspired to be a film director. When I was in senior high school, I have ever become a screenwriter and director in short movie. It was been a wonderful experience for me. I also love music actually and I can play musical instrument, but little hehe. Everytime, everywhere and whatever I do, I always listen to music. I’m not good enough to sing, but I can create a song. I wanna be a songwriter and composer.

Besides that, I wanna be a writer. I wanna create a book like novel, short story, drama, poetry, etc. My profession in my major is journalism and my concentration is English literature. I can learn from there, I believe I can achieve. This is an opportunity for me to develop my writing talent. Therefore, I hope I can be a professional writer. Fighting ^_^

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